Aquatic Physical Therapy​

Aquatic Physical Therapy (APT) is therapeutic treatment that occurs in water. It is also known as hydrotherapy, aquatic therapy, aquatic exercise, or pool therapy. There is significant evidence to support various treatment strategies and exercises to address a variety of conditions in the water environment.

Benefits of Aquatic Physical Therapy include:

Improved flexibility

Increased muscular strength and endurance

Improved cardiovascular endurance

Decreased pain

Increased relaxation

Improved balance and coordination

Decreased spasticity

Improved gait/functional mobility

APT uses the properties of water (eg. buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, turbulence) to achieve optimal movement and function in patients with neurological conditions, musculoskeletal injuries, and balance impairments.

We will complete an assessment and work with you to develop a treatment plan based on your goals that involves one-on-one therapeutic intervention in the pool or the creation of a program that you can complete independently in the pool.